Message from SHARE: Flex Your Membership with

From Susan Rice, SHARE Director of Information Systems

SHARE has three principles that guide our association: EDUCATE – INFLUENCE – NETWORK. Each year we host two events – winter and summer sessions – where these principles are put to work with technical sessions, networking opportunities and a chance to meet and have open discussions with vendors. But how do you maintain this between sessions, or if you’re unable to attend? I’d like you to consider as your go-to resource to keep the momentum and spirit of SHARE alive. 

As the new SHARE director of information systems, it’s my job to oversee the online and mobile tooling we provide. So many aspects of our lives – work or personal – occur online, that it can be easy to take a website for granted. But think of it this way: is a destination to make the most of your membership and serves as the digital infrastructure of our association.

We’re less than four months away from our next event, SHARE Phoenix (March 10-15, 2019). To make the most of your time in Phoenix, or just to flex your SHARE membership a bit more, I encourage you to take advantage of the following resources:

  • Discussion Forums: SHARE discussion forums are a great resource to connect with fellow SHARE members. Have a problem at work you can’t solve on your own? Use the discussion forum for feedback. Interested in meeting up with others at a SHARE event? Coordinate with friends in the SHARE events thread. The network you build at in-person events can grow between winter and summer sessions, and the discussion forums are a great place to make that happen.
  • SHARE Requirements Process: The SHARE Requirements system is an online advocacy program that allows SHARE members to influence the direction of IBM products, services and policy. If you have feedback or a business need, make your voice heard and submit a requirement. Requirements are voted on and ranked by the SHARE membership, then sent to IBM. In return, IBM reviews and shares feedback. Discussion forum threads are also available so you can gain insight on the system and add comments to requirements that others have entered. Play a role in our “INFLUENCE” guiding principle and take advantage of this advocacy program.
  • Content Center: The SHARE Content Center includes proceedings, session recordings from past events, webcasts and more. If you missed a SHARE event or need a refresher from a specific session, you can re-watch the recordings here.
  • Member Directory: Did you meet someone at a SHARE event but didn’t get their business card? If they’re a member, look them up in the Member Directory. This tool also allows you to look up people by area of the country, which can be a great chance to connect with local SHARE members.
  • Volunteer Portal: Lastly, investigate the volunteer opportunities listed on Whether you’re interested in a long-term role or a one-time task, there is something for everyone. I have attended SHARE events for over 20 years and would not have made it as far as I have in my career without the knowledge gained and people met along the way. Consider the trajectory of your SHARE experience and how you can give your time and talent to the association.

Over the next few months, I challenge you to take action on at least one of the resources listed above. Each presents an opportunity to grow your knowledge or strengthen your network. This is the time of year when we start to think about goals and ways to refresh our routines – there’s no time like the present to set a goal of making the most of all SHARE has to offer.

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