Marna and Martin release a new episode of MPT

It has been a while since Martin and I were able to be available at the same time in our offices, but we recently were able to get another episode out.  I hope that some of the information is useful to those of you with earbuds. 

Here's the link to the episode "Mainframe, Performance, Topics" , which are absolutely available on your favorite podcast app - be that Android or Apple - if you don't want to listen from a web browser.

Here are the highlights of our content:

  • More (sad) news about using Nest and the IFTTT app.
  • A new function APAR for z/OS PDUU, for HTTPS support.
  • An astute listener asks about userkey CSA and z/OS V2.4.
  • Why putting ServerPac into z/OSMF is something to prepare for.
  • Considerations if you want to turn off I/O Priority Queuing in WLM, with Db2 thoughts.
  • A short trip report from IBM Z TechU in Berlin, Germany.
  • A small z/OSMF RESTFILES Request for Enhancement to remove Windows Carriage Return characters.

If you have any ideas for future topics, we'd love to hear from you!

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