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IBM z13 Configuration Best Practices
You are free to configure your CECs and LPARs however you choose; these recommendations are not IBM z13 specific, but not following these recommendations can lead to more overhead on the z13 than prior processors.


IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS Offers Co-Location and Technology Advantages
Node.js enables enterprises to access a vast pool of JavaScript skills where the developer population is over 11.5 million worldwide.


CICS Tools Identify Performance Issues


Secure Service Containers are a Virtual Appliance Framework for Sensitive Workloads
Clients must find IT technology that addresses regulatory and existential security concerns, and IBM can provide that with IBM Secure Services Containers.


IBM Guardium Updates Help Organizations Reduce Risk and Demonstrate Compliance
IBM Guardium provides a robust set of capabilities to protect data, assess and recommend changes for security, reduce risk and improve compliance across the data landscape.


Susan Rice on Her Journey of Perseverance Through the Mainframe
In the zTalk podcast, Reg Harbeck talks with Susan Rice about her story of perseverance and her career as a system programmer.


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