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IBM z14 Features Improved Security, Insights and a Connected Ecosystem
To help clients enable trust and leadership in a digital economy, IBM introduced the new IBM z14 system centered around three themes: Secure data and transactions, intelligence and insight, and an open and connected enterprise cloud.

IBM Z Pervasive Encryption Marks a Paradigm Shift for Security
IBM’s new z14 system features pervasive encryption. End-to-end protection helps organizations secure data while reducing the cost and complexity of meeting compliance mandates.

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS Gives Clients the Tools to Make Better, Faster Decisions
IBM Machine Learning for z/OS allows clients and their data scientists to quickly create, deploy and continuously monitor a high volume of analytic models.

Db2: A Small but Significant Change
DB2 is now Db2. The b is lower-case. The new name will be rolled out online over the coming weeks.

Mary Anne Matyaz Defies Systems Programming Stereotypes
Reg Harbeck talks with Mary Anne Matyaz about her unique journey as an extroverted systems programmer in the newest zTalk podcast.

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