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Automated Testing in the DevOps Cycle Improves Quality and Reduces Risk

A DevOps approach typically involves automation, a key way to verify software quality throughout the operation.

A Deeper Dive

2016 Master the Mainframe winners use the contest to jump-start their careers.

John Eells on his Journey to the Mainframe

Reg Harbeck talks with John Eells, a longtime IBMer, about his life before the mainframe, his journey with IBM and how he ended up at SHARE.

TS7700 Continuously Evolves to Meet Clients’ Demands

IBM TS7700 V4.1 virtual tape solution improves on the TS7700’s tradition of enterprise features, quality, performance and business continuance by supporting eight-way Grid configurations.

Write Your Own Checks With z/OS Health Checker

IBM provides a set of check routines for IBM Health Checker for z/OS that examine specific settings or values for potential problems and here are the general steps of planning and developing your own health check.

Using Microservices on z Systems with CICS Improves Flexibility and Reliability

One of the goals of a microservices architecture is to help with DevOps.

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