IBM Systems Magazine: December Editor's Picks for SHARE

Explore hot topics in enterprise IT from IBM Systems Magazine editors. Check out hand-picked articles on such topics as Db2, security, IMS, cloud, z/OS and more. 

IBM z/OS V2.3 Is an Engine for Digital Transformation
IBM z/OS V2.3 provides new functions that continue to enhance the role of IBM Z, with support for the IBM z14 and its role in helping provide solutions for a trusted digital economy.

Crypto Statistics Monitor Watches Resource Usage
Cryptographic Support for z/OS V2.1 to z/OS V2.3, also known as ICSF FMID HCR77C1 or web deliverable number 17, provides a means for the secure and reliable handling of data with Crypto Statistics Monitor.

Planning for Db2 for z/OS Upgrade: Application Testing
There are resources devoted to planning for Db2 for z/OS upgrades. As for application regression testing, customers are typically concerned about performance regression for critical transactions.

IMS Security Enhancements Focus on Distributed Information
Recent IMS enhancements enable propagation of distributed user identity into IMS for logging and auditing purposes.

IBM Z Offerings Help Clients Take Advantage of the Cloud
The cloud has become essential for organizations to deploy new technologies and respond quicker, with six mainframe cloud offerings available.

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