Honoring Tish Snow in Providence

By A. Harry Williams, SHARE President & Chief Executive Officer

There are many opportunities for volunteers to contribute to SHARE. This includes participating in the requirements process, speaking at SHARE events, writing opportunities via SHARE’d Intelligence, mindSHARE and white pieces, as well as participation in SHARE Volunteer Committees.

In 1993, SHARE’s president, John Chapman asked us: “remember who first got you to volunteer, and who first made you feel like a part of the SHARE family?”

For many of our SHARE veterans, the answer contains the memory of a cheerful, energetic, loving woman, who gave much of herself to SHARE, and to its volunteers.

That answer is Tish Snow. She was a role model and mentor to many, delivering outstanding humanitarian service to SHARE across a long and rich volunteer career. On the rare occasion when we identify volunteers who parallel her altruistic, caring nature, love of SHARE, and commitment to work for the betterment of SHARE, SHARE has presented an award in her name.

We were fortunate to have several members of her family on hand with us at SHARE Providence. I was proud to recognize the family during our keynote address—and even more proud of the fact that they received a standing ovation from the crowd that morning.


(Pictured from left to right: Jon Snow, Nick Snow, Laura Feld, Sam Snow, Roger Snow, Harron Snow)

It was particularly bittersweet to host her grandson, Sam Snow, who never got a chance to meet his grandmother. Born four years after her unfortunate passing in 1989, Sam never knew the impact that his grandmother had on this great community—and the true pioneer she was for her generation.

Today, Sam is the newly minted and proud recipient of a Computer Science degree and perhaps will carry on the legacy of grandmother. We do know that he had a great time in Providence with zNextGen and ‘young developer’ activities.

Feedback from Snow family was that although they had always known what a marvelous woman Tish was, they were greatly impressed and moved by the stories that were told from SHARE's perspective (many of which helped to fill some information gaps they had) and by the great regard in which she was held by our organization.

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