Have Your Voice Heard through the SHARE Requirements System, SHARE’s online Product Enhancement Dialogue and Voting System

A SHARE Requirement is a statement describing an IBM product, service or strategy that has not currently been met or one that can be improved. All members are encouraged to participate by lending their expertise to the drafting and submission process, and join SHARE Requirement Forums! This is your opportunity to influence IBM and make your voice heard. Requirements, and the project discussions involved in submitting them, are among the most important work products of SHARE! Member installations contribute knowledge and expertise to help vendors meet your current and future information technology needs.

Submitting via SHARE is often better than simply asking as an individual – not just one voice but many. Over 300 eligible SHARE members discuss and vote on Requirements. Many customers acting as organizations then submit these Requirements to IBM, which then responds to the requirement back through SHARE. When developers determine line items for new releases, they prioritize SHARE-submitted Requirements, and many developers support and encourage Requirements.  SHARE Requirements provide IBM and other participating vendors with technical input on needs for improvement to existing products or services and on directions for future products or services.

This a great opportunity for SHARE members.

Learn More: http://www.share.org/page/requirements-&-advocacy.

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