Ask Me Anything about z/OS Security

OK, it's not really me but folks that know a lot more about the z/OS security strategy than I do.  This is a good place if you want to ask anything from very basic to very advanced questions.  They'll take them all.   Some of the topics that might stir up some questions are:  MultiFactor Authentication, ICSF, RACF, zSecure, TKE and any else that you want.  It's only an hour and you can see what the other questions are if you just want to lurk.

Here's the whereabouts, all in USA New York times:

Friday, April 8, 2016.  11am until noon.  (new window will come up, if you click from directly from here).  This link will only come alive 15 minutes before it actually starts, so set 10:45am on your calendars.


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