Arriving in HOLDDATA near you: z/OS V2.3 FIXCATs!

Very recently, we have started to mark APARs with the SMP/E FIXCATs that you have surely come to know and love with the z/OS V2.3 categories.  What does that mean?  Of course you know!  You can start running your SMP/E REPORT MISSINGFIX jobs as soon as you receive the new HOLDDATA.

 The FIXCATs for z/OS V2.3 are:  


As it has been with prior releases, we will also be "back marking" some APARs with the FIXCATs for z/OS V2.3 so that you can find them easily if you are skipping z/OS V2.2.  This means that even if you see lots of PTFs with the z/OS V2.3 FIXCATs, it doesn't necessarily mean they are specifically and only for z/OS V2.3.  It just means that they are also necessary for z/OS V2.3.  If you are already on z/OS V2.2, you quite likely already have them.  Let SMP/E do all the heavy verification for you.

Keep pulling the latest HOLDDATA, so you continue to have the current FIXCAT assignments.  More PTFs will be closing as time goes by.  No harm in taking a peek at what you'll need to position* for both z/OS and other IBM program products right now!


*Of particular note:  as you might expect the previewed item for z/OS V2.3 "TSO/E 8 character userid", does require PTFs across a wide band of IBM products.  Keep an eye out if this new function interests you.

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zOS 2.3 Fixcats - where are they?

March 8, 2017 10:46 PM by Roger Lowe

Hi Marna,

              Just read your latest blog - have downloaded the latest Enhanced Holddata and I dont see any of the zOS 2.3 Fixcats that you mentioned in the blog. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Roger

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