SHARE Mobile App: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I go to download the mobile app?

    Download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “SHARE Inc.” For BlackBerry or Windows phones, you can also view a Web-based version here.

  • Why should I update or refresh the app when prompted?
    Updating or refreshing the app when prompted will ensure you have the most up- to-date information on session changes and other event updates.

  • How do I build & customize my on-site schedule?

    By clicking on the “Sessions” icon you’ll be able to search by day, program, hot topic, project or area of interest. When you browse by day you’ll see the various time slots and the sessions within that hour. You can either click the star to the left of the session, or you can click into the session to learn more. From inside the session details, you can add the session to “My Schedule” by clicking the star in the upper right hand corner. All starred sessions will then be added to your schedule and can be viewed by day under the “My Schedule” icon.

  • How do I network with other attendees?

    Create a profile by tapping on the gear in the top left-hand corner, then clicking on “MyProfile.” Once you complete a profile with your name, email, photo or any additional information you’d like to share, you can connect with other attendees and add friends – those people can then see your schedule, send direct messages and keep notes. Plus, you can easily store colleagues’ contact information right from the app!

  • My favorite speaker is presenting and I’d like to find out when. Can I search by speaker?

    Yes, within the “Speakers” icon you’ll see an alphabetized list of Event speakers. Click on a name to learn more about that speaker and which sessions they will be presenting at.


    Click on the session in question and easily add it to your schedule by tapping the star in the upper right hand corner — it’ll be automatically populated into “My Schedule”!

  • I’d like to learn more about an exhibitor’s product – how do I find out where their booth is located?

    Within the “Exhibitors” icon, see all Event exhibitors and click your favorites to learn more about each exhibitor and where their booth is located on the tradeshow floor.

  • Is there a map so I can find where an exhibitor booth or my session is located?
    Yes, easily navigate the event by using the “Maps” icon: View the exhibit hall and hotel map before or during the conference. Easily zoom in and out to clearly see where everything is located.

  • Does SHARE participate in social media?
    Yes, you can follow SHARE on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn straight from the app by selecting the corresponding icons. From there, you can see what people are talking about while attending the Event.

  • How do I sync multiple devices?
    In order to sync multiple devices, you must create your profile. When you login to the app on your other device, it will be synced with the original device. Make sure all apps are up to date with the most current version. If you are in the app, you will have to manually update your app in order to see changes that have recently been made. The app automatically updates when you exit and re-enter.

If you find that you need additional assistance with the application, please ask the SHARE staff (identified on-site with red ribbons), or any of the volunteers, who will be happy to assist.

We hope you enjoy using the SHARE Mobile App, and wish you an engaging and enriching event experience.