SHARE Academy

Meet the Instructors

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CICS Immersion

Ed Addison is an Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) in CICS L2 Support. He has presented at many conferences throughout the world on CICS technical strategy and debugging techniques. Addison has been in L2 support since 1988 starting in VSAM and moving to CICS in 1993. He is a published IBM Redbooks author and winner of several SHARE Best Session awards.

Ezriel Gross


CICS Immersion

Ezriel Gross is the Chief Executive Officer of Circle Software Inc (formally Circle Computer Group LLC), an IBM Business Partner that specializes in hands-on classes in CICS, DB2 & WebSphere MQ. Gross has been a "Gold Consultant" for many years and has attended the annual Gold Briefing. Besides consulting, he teaches and develops CICS courses for both IBM and Circle. Gross' specialties include: CICS Web Services, CICS Web Support, CICS Performance / Tuning, CICS Internals, CICSPlex SM and DevOps for CICS.  Recently, Gross co-authored IBM Redbooks' “CICS and DevOps: What You Need to Know.”

Patty Little


z/OS Bug Busterz bugbusterz.png

Patty Little started her IBM career 30 years ago. After a short stint as an RTM developer, Little took a 6-month temporary assignment in z/OS Level 2 software service. Twenty-eight years later she is still there, enjoying the challenge of problem diagnosis in the Supervisor, RTM, SDUMP and SLIP components.

John Shebey


z/OS Bug Busterz bugbusterz.png

John Shebey is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Poughkeepsie where he leads the z/OS UNIX Level 2 Support team. Shebey has been with IBM for 18 years and is the z/OS Service Representative for SHARE. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Virginia Tech.