July 31, 2016

Atlanta Marriot Marquis | Atlanta, GA


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About SHARE Academy

SHARE Academy provides an opportunity to dive deep into some of the hottest topics facing enterprise IT professionals today. Learn from experts on Sunday, July 31, before the full SHARE Atlanta week kicks off and grow your knowledge in one of the hand-picked specialties available for the Academy program. Know someone who might be interested in attending? Share this flyer today!

Why Attend?

In just one day, SHARE Academy will deliver valuable information for those looking to learn more about one of two unique specialties. Join like-minded peers for an immersive educational experience and build a deeper understanding in a key enterprise IT focus area. 

To learn more about both Academy classes, watch the July 14 webcast (featuring this summer's instructors!).

Atlanta 2016 Classes

CICS Immersion: Presented by seasoned CICS professionals, this class allows you to "immerse" yourself in the basics of CICS TS Architecture, including the Domain Architecture and basic control blocks and flow that make up both a transaction and a task. Attendees will gain insight into common problems that all CICS System Programmers have to diagnose and the methods used for diagnosis. To round out the day, general application debugging will be covered. The class is designed for intermediate to advanced CICS Systems Programmers as well as beginners who are looking to bring their skills to the next level. A pre-event webcast will be offered. (Program Agenda

z/OS Bug Busterz bugbusterz.png : Presented by experienced z/OS Level 2 professionals, this class will provide you with the skills to analyze and make sense of diagnostic data captured by z/OS. You will gain the knowledge necessary to perform preliminary analysis of dumps and trace data using IPCS, and learn how to capture information through diagnostic tools, including GTF trace, CTRACE and SLIP. The class is designed for z/OS Systems Programmers and Application Programmers that support products running on z/OS, and will include a pre-event webcast. No prior IPCS experience is required. (Program Agenda)

Questions? Contact SHARE Headquarters at 312.321.5160 or email