SHARE Academy

Meet the Instructors

Kenneth Blackman

IMS Immersion

Blackman is a Certified Consulting IMS specialist whose primary area of focus is integration solutions with IMS. He has participated as the IMS subject matter expert for z Systems Integration Architecture Workshops, for on-site consulting on IMS Connectivity and for IMS Application Modernization Proof of Concept projects. Blackman has 40 years of experience with IMS as a customer, as member of the IBM IMS development team at SVL and as a member of the IBM IMS Washington Systems Center Team. He has also presented at the IBM Insight conference, the IBM zEnterprise conference and at SHARE events, and is a member of the IBM Certification Board, with over 20 U.S. Patents.

John Ehrman

Assembler Bootcamp

Ehrman has been an Assembler Language programmer since the first days of System/360. In the past, he has served as a teacher of Assembler Language at Stanford University (1967-1980), a SHARE Assembler Language Project Manager (1968-1972 and 1988-2011), and fathered IBM's "High Level Assembler." Ehrman is also the author of a recently completed Assembler Language textbook.


IMS Immersion

Eichelberger has worked in mainframe computing since the early 1970s, supporting operating systems and database middleware systems, including IMS, since before Fast Path. He has been a user, a competitor, a business partner and a consultant to IBM and several other Fortune 500 companies. Eichelberger is currently a member of the IMS Support – Washington System Center (formerly Advanced Technical Skills/Support). In his free time, you will find him practicing the "gentle way" at the dojo. 

IMS Immersion


Michael Stack

Assembler Bootcamp

Stack was the manager of systems programming and an instructor in computer science at Northern Illinois University. He began teaching a graduate course in applied systems programming in 1984. He also taught Assembler Language programming and data structures in assembler for many years, and began volunteering with SHARE in 1975. Stack has been retired since 2008.


IMS Immersion

Stein is a Consulting I/T Specialist on the IMS Team of the Washington System Center. She has over 40 years of IMS and z Systems experience as a customer, IBM IMS Advocate, z IT Architect and IT Specialist. As a specialist, Stein assists customers with education and implementation of IMS features/functions, critical situation resolutions, performance and tuning exercises, and Proof of Concept and Proof of Technology projects. She also participates in z Systems Health Checks, Sysplex High Availability Studies, Enterprise & Application Architecture Workshops, and integration and modernization consultations. Furthermore, Stein works with the IMS Development Lab to create and deliver IMS education material, and has presented at IBM conferences and seminars, SHARE events, IMS Regional User Groups, IMS Roadshows, and on IBM webcasts and teleconferences.


IMS Immersion

Suzie Wendler is a Consulting I/T Specialist in the IMS team of the Washington Systems Center.  Her major responsibilities include areas such as customer support, critical situation analyses, connectivity projects for cloud and mobile, integration security, onsite consulting projects, and Proofs of Concept.  She has presented at several User Groups, including Share and the IMS regional user groups and has been involved in IBM-sponsored activities such as technical seminars, Insight, and IMS hands-on workshops.