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    Leading-edge Technology on System z

    Leading-edge Technology on System z 
    Speaker: David Rhoderick, IBM Corporation

    This webcast presents an overview of recent innovations on the mainframe  from Sysplex to hybrid computing to transactional execution. David Rhoderick manages IBM's System z Competitive Analysis team, is a “mainframe evangelist” and has extensive expertise in the financial aspects of enterprise computing. In his 30+ years at IBM, in both the U.S. and the U.K., he has worked in many different fields including software pricing, marketing, ISV recruitment, consulting, sales, systems engineering, development and systems programming. Previous experience includes mainframe systems programming, the development of the OS/2 operating system for PCs and porting a large DEC-VAX application to the AIX environment for a media company. He has received numerous IBM awards including an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for System z Competitive Analysis of Mainframe Total Cost of Ownership. 


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