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    Four Ways to Cut Your MLC Software Bill

    Four Ways to Cut Your MLC Software Bill

    Speakers: Nick Pachnos, BMC Software; Dave Hilbe, BMC Software; Jay Lipovich, ZSolutions & BMC Software

    If you don’t believe you can reduce the cost of your MLC software, this webinar will change your mind.  Three mainframe management experts discuss the four ways you can reduce MLC costs, saving as much as 20 percent or more off your MLC bill. This webcast discusses four steps you can take:

    1. Understand and Plan

    2. Set and Forget

    3. Situate for Savings

    4. Tune What Consumes

    This session dispels some of the common myths about how hard it is to reduce MLC costs. It is valuable to those tasked with managing down the cost of the mainframe, and those who try to optimize MLC software spend in the face of increasing MLC charges and increased business activity on their mainframes.





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